menu (English)

Insalata Mistomixed salad€ 5,50
Insalata Nizzarda salad with tuna, shrimps, olives, onion and egg€ 6,50
Cocktail di Gamberishrimps cocktail€ 6,95
Insalata Capresesalad with tomato, mozzarella, basilicum and balsamico € 6,95
Prosciuttio e Melone Gandaham with melon€ 7,50
Vitello Tonato paper-thin slices of veal, tuna mayonnaise olives
and capers
€ 8,95
Insalata Salmonethin slices salmon, rucola, pine-tree seeds and lemon oil€ 8,95
Carpaccio di Manzo paper-thin slices of fillet of beef, parmesan cheese, salad, pine-tree seeds, tomato, olives and pesto served with toast€ 8,95
Polpetini el Pomodorominced-meat balls with garlic and herbs in a tomato sauce€ 5,25
Spaghetti alla Bolognese spaghetti with tomato minced-meat sauce€ 5,75
Funghi Trifolatimushrooms with garlic and toast, cool off with white wine € 6,75
Funghi dello Chefin butter fried mushrooms served with herbs, toast and
a cream sauce
€ 6,95
Pollo Marinatosweet marinated chickenparts on a bed of salad€ 6,95
Cozze Trifolatifried mussels with garlic, herbs and onion€ 7,25
Combinazione di Mareshrimps and mussels fried in butter with leek, tomato and garlic€ 8,25
Gamba’s al’ Agliogamba’s fried in a pan or grilled, with garlic and herbs€ 8,95
Minestronevegetable soup€ 3,95
Crema di Pomodorotomato soup with cream€ 3,95
Zuppa di Funghimushroom soup€ 3,95
Zuppa di Cipolleonion soup€ 3,95
Scaloppina Pinocciobreaded cutlet with a sauce at choice€12,95
Pollo Diavola soft spicy chicken with mushrooms, bacon, onion
and tomato sauce
Spare ribsSpare ribs of the grill€13,95
Punto di Manzofillet of beef parts in a pepper-cream sauce€14,50
Bisteccarump steak with a sauce at choice€14,95
Filetto Maiala pork tenderloin with a sauce at choice€15,50
Misto Grilliavaried grill dish with steak, spareribs, and chicken served with garlic butter€16,50
Our sauces: Creamy mushroom sauce, Pepper cream sauce, Garlic sauce (cold), Mustard sauce, Gorgonzola sauce, Herb butter or Fried mushrooms
Salmone Fornofillet of salmon from the oven with a lemon sauce€14,50
Combinazione di Mareshrimps and mussels fried in butter with leek, tomato and garlic€14,50
Gamba’s al’ Agliogamba’s fried in a pan, with garlic and herbs€16,50
Scampi al Fornogamba’s from oven with tomato, leek, onion, garlic and herb butter€16,50
* All meat- and fish-dishes are being served with vegetables and a potato dish.
Spaghetti Aglio e Oliospaghetti with garlic, red pepper and oil€ 9,25
Spaghetti alla Bolognese spaghetti with tomato minced-meat sauce€ 9,25
Spaghetti Vegetarianaspaghetti with a filling of several vegetables, (leek, onion, mushrooms and olives)€ 9,50
Spaghetti Carbonaraspaghetti with cream, eggs and bacon € 9,50
Spaghetti alla Tonnospaghetti with tuna, capers, garlic and onion € 9,70
Spaghetti Siciliana spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella, basil, cherry tomato and tomato sauce€ 9,50
Spaghetti di Salmonespaghetti with salmon, mussels, garlic, and oil € 9,95
Penne Pestopipe macaroni with pesto, bacon, cream and pine nuts€ 9,70
Penne Arrabbiatapipe macaroni with bacon, onion, red pepper and tomato sauce € 9,50
Penne Mozzarellapipe macaroni with mozzarella, chicken, onion, mushrooms and pine nuts in a cream sauce€ 9,70
Penne PINOCCIOpipe macaroni with pork tenderloin, spinach and cashew nuts€ 9,85
Tortellini Verditortellini with ricotta, spinach, onions, mushrooms and cream sauce€ 9,70
Tortellini Gorgonzola tortellini with ricotta, spinach and a gorgonzola sauce€ 9,70
Tagliatella al Salmonetagliatella with smoked salmon and a light cream sauce€ 9,70
Tagliatella Marinaratagliatella with gamba’s, crab, leek and onion and cream € 9,95
Salad Pinocciosmall mixed salad € 4,50
Lasagna alla Bologneselayers of pasta filled with vegatables and a minced-meat tomato sauce€ 9,70
Lasagna alla Vegetarianalayers of pasta with a filling of several vegetables€ 9,70
Lasagna di Pollolayers of pasta with a filling of chicken several vegetables, herbs and a curry sauce€ 9,70
Starters:Tomatosoup, Vegetablesoup, Mushroomsoup or Onionsoup.€ 3,25
Main courses:Spaghetti with tomato minced-meat sauce€ 4,95
Children’s pizza Margherita€ 4,95
Frankfurter with French fries, apple-sauce and mayonnaise€ 4,95
Chicken nuggets with French fries, apple-sauce and mayonnaise€ 4,95
Croquette with French fries, apple-sauce and mayonnaise€ 4,95
Pizza Margheritawith tomato sauce and cheese € 6,95
Pizza Passoa with tomato sauce, cheese and bananas € 7,75
Pizza Pugliesewith tomato sauce, cheese and onion€ 7,75
Pizza Margherita Ananas with tomato sauce, cheese and pineapple€ 8,25
Pizza Funghiwith tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms€ 8,75
Pizza Napolitanawith tomato sauce, cheese and anchovies€ 8,75
Pizza Etrusca with tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple and bananas€ 8,95
Pizza Bolognesewith tomato sauce, cheese and a sauce of tomato and minced -meat
€ 9,50
Pizza Borromeawith tomato sauce, cheese and ham€ 9,50
Pizza al Salamewith tomato sauce, cheese and salami€ 9,65
Pizza Cipollawith tomato sauce, cheese, ham and onion€ 9,65
Pizza Mozzarellawith tomato sauce, cheese and mozzarella€ 9,65
Pizza Hawaïwith tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple€ 9,65
Pizza Pepperoniwith tomato sauce, cheese and spicy sausage€ 9,65
Pizza Gorgonzolawith tomato sauce, cheese and gorgonzola€ 9,70
Pizza Diavolawith tomato sauce, cheese, spanish peppers, peppers and onion€ 9,70
Pizza Picante with tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, spicy sausage, onion and spanish peppers € 9,70
Pizza Carnewith tomato sauce, cheese, ham and salami€ 9,70
Pizza Pinocciowith tomato sauce, cheese, ham, egg and mushrooms€ 9,70
Pizza Sicilianawith tomato sauce, cheese, anchovies, olives, capers€ 9,70
Pizza di Buffalo with tomato sauce, cheese, buffalo mozzarella, capers and Spanish peppers€ 9,70
Hierboven genoemde pizza’s op maandagen, dinsdagen en woensdagen voor maar €6,95
Pizza Quattro Stagioniwith tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, peppers and mushrooms€ 9,95
Pizza Granturco with tomato sauce, cheese, peppers, corn, spicy-sausage, and hot garlic-oil€10,25
Pizza Carbonarawith tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, onion and egg€10,25
Pizza Pestowith tomato sauce, cheese, pesto, mozzarella, olives and garlic
Pizza al Tonno with tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, onion and mushrooms€10,25
Pizza Carpacciowith tomato sauce, cheese, fillet of beef, pine nuts, pesto and salad€10,50
Pizza Prosciuttowith tomato sauce, gandaham and rucola €10,50
Pizza con Spinaci with tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, brie, onions, fresh garlic, and cherry tomato€10,50
Pizza Italia with tomate sauce, mozzarella and fresh basilicum€10,50
Pizza Quattro Formaggiwith tomato sauce, and four kinds of cheese (like gorgonzola, feta and mozzarella)€10,75
Pizza Vegetarianawith tomato sauce, cheese, artichokes, peppers, onion and mushrooms€10,75
Pizza Marinarawith tomato sauce, cheese, mussels, shrimps and tuna €11,25
Pizza Salmonewith tomato sauce, cheese and smoked salmon€11,25
Pizza Calzonestuffed pizza with cheese, ham, several kinds of meat and vegetables€11,25
Pizza Korenmarktwith tomato sauce, cheese, minced-meat, garlic sauce and lettuce€11,25
Pizza Bombawith tomato sauce, cheese, gorgonzola, salami, bacon,
onion, ham, peppers and mushrooms
Salade Pinocciosmall mixed salad € 4,50
Sherry/port€ 3,25
Martini red / white€ 3,25
Campari€ 3,75
Joseph Guy€ 4,25
Remy Martin V.S.O.P€ 5,25
Jameson€ 4,25
Johnnie Walker€ 4,25
Limoncello€ 3,50
Sambuca€ 4,00
Amaretto€ 4,25
Baileys€ 4,25
Cointreau€ 4,25
Tia Maria€ 4,25
Jenever jong € 2,75
Grappa € 3,50
Gin€ 4,25
Wodka€ 4,25
Vieux€ 2,75
Jägermeister€ 3,00
Bacardi€ 4,25
Malibu € 4,25
House wines
White house wine (Glass)€ 3,35
White house wine (Red)€ 3,35
White Lambrusco (Glass)€ 3,35
Red Lambrusco (Glass)€ 3,35
Rosé (Glass)€ 3,35
0,25 L house wine (red or white)€ 4,60
0,50 L house wine (red or white)€ 9,25
1,00 L house wine (red or white)€ 16,25
Draft beer, medium€ 2,50
Alcohol free beer€ 3,25
Palm (bottled)€ 3,25
Hoegaarden (bottled)€ 3,25
Hoegaarden Rose (bottled)€ 3,25
Hoegaarden Radler (bottled)€ 3,25
Leffe Blond (bottled)€ 3,25
Cold drinks
Water (bottled) Still or Sparkling€ 2,25
Cola, Cola Light, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite€ 2,25
Ice-tea, Ice-tea Green€ 2,25
Cassis, Rivella, Tonic€ 2,25
Spa Lemon, Bitter Lemon€ 2,25
Orange juice€ 2,25
Apple juice€ 2,25
Tomato juice€ 2,25
Fristi, Chocomel€ 2,25
Hot drinks
Coffee€ 2,25
Tea€ 2,25
Espresso€ 2,25
Espresso alla Panna€ 2,70
Cappuccino€ 2,40
Cappuccino alla Panna€ 2,90
Irish Coffee€ 6,50
French Coffee€ 6,50
Kiss of Fire€ 6,50
Special coffees can be made by your own preferences
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